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Get Searcheable Access to All the Leadership Conversations in the Bible

With New Book Featuring the Top 10 Conversations

“We tend to study the Bible, then separately study leadership. I believe those two learning opportunities can naturally overlap.”
Steve Moore 

Phase 1 of BibleCenteredLeadership.com Launches in:

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With Free Access to BibleCenteredLeadership.com,
You Can Expect…


Quick and easy access to the leadership conversations of the Bible including the leader, followers and situation


Practical model and questions for studying the leadership interactions of the Bible


Free access to The Top 10 Leadership Conversations in the Bible by chapter in PDF format


Searchable database to explore leadership conversations by Leadership Era, book of the Bible, leader, or topic


Paperback, Kindle, and audio version of the book for purchase


Bible Centered Leadership resources including online course (coming in 2018)

Hear From Others About the Project


“Steve Moore is not just a former student, he is an engaged practitioner and motivated promoter of many of the key concepts I taught at Fuller Seminary. Steve has become a champion of my work on Bible Centered leadership, and I’ve passed the baton to him with my blessing as it relates to this ambitious project. Heed Steve’s advice and you will be blessed.”

Dr. J. Robert Clinton, Professor Emeritus of Leadership, Fuller Theological Seminary, School of Intercultural Studies


“After 20 years of leading a leadership development ministry, I believe everything valuable that we can learn about leadership, has its roots in the Bible.  That is why I’m so thankful for the research Steve Moore has done on leadership conversations in the Bible and his plans to share that research with the rest of us.  I’ve known Steve for more than a decade and I’m encouraged by his commitment to champion the cause of Bible centered leadership.”

Jane Overstreet, President, Development Associates International


“I’ve been excited about my friend Steve Moore’s new project from the first time he talked about it with me. I have a “top 10” brand of my own and love the concept of The Top 10 Leadership Conversations in the Bible. Steve piqued my curiosity by sharing his research methods and outline of the book. I believe this resource and companion web site will help advance the cause of Bible Centered leadership.”

Hans Finzel, President of HDLeaders, bestselling leadership author


“I invited Steve Moore to teach a leadership lesson to the ministry staff at 12Stone Church on Bible Centered Leadership. When I heard more about the research he was doing on leadership conversations in the Bible I knew this needed to become a book. The added component of the searchable database on the web site takes this to a whole new level! I highly recommend this valuable resource to any serious student of leadership.”

Dan Reiland, Executive Pastor, 12Stone Church, Lawrenceville, GA

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